Is Your Organization Off Course?

  11/14/13    Posted in Business Consulting

We all grew up learning that the “most direct route” between two points is a “straight line.”

We all generally seem to remember that rule as we walk through daily life when it comes to identifying our daily travel routes, whether using a GPS or a map for hiking, biking or driving a car. Everyone wants to know “how fast can we get from point A to point B?”

America loves sports and I have never encountered anyone, not even the with the most meager of resources who tried to use a football for a baseball or a soccer ball for a basketball. In other words, you have to have the “right equipment” to play and win a specific sports game and reach the respective goal.

So why are many organizations unable to transfer the same simple to understand “most direct route” and “right equipment” concept to running business functions?

Has your organization lost its way?

Many companies resort to a “strategy” called “work arounds” over time.

Instead of slowing down long enough to map out the “most direct routes” as the world changes and updating to supply the “right equipment” for their employees to complete a process journey or make a product, the employee is forced to either create new “work arounds” or use old “work arounds” developed by others, or worst of all create “work arounds” of “work arounds”.

At Valintry we “straighten the roads of process” by deploying the right technology, technical staff and software solutions that help companies achieve more productivity and profitability with minimal disruption to the business.

Simple solutions that everyone can understand are the best. We believe in taking the most “direct route” and using the “right equipment” to get a job done.

Valintry helps clients find direct routes and find the right equipment.

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